#Focus: Fake apps on the Store! What’s on, Microsoft?

The phenomenon of the fake apps is reaching alarming levels today.

This article is both a small reminder to all users and a scream that I hope will reach Microsoft before this serious problem could damage the company and its Store. We translated it, for foreign users (the original one:  here).

This morning I wandered around the Store, looking for new apps to try on my own and to report on WindowsPhonelover.it (the blog where I write) as I usually do every day. Well, to my astonishment and no less great disappointment, I found these “good” software (I’m ironic, huh?) from MobitechApps:



That’s right, the software company that made masterpieces (?) like “Kim Kardashian Sexy” (??), “Amazing Miley Cyrus” (??), “Leo Messi App” (???) and a thousand others. Let’s take a look to the Store together; try to search the name of this software company: everything is verifiable in a simple way. Just search on the Store.

Besides the aforementioned masterpieces, this morning I noticed the presence of others – most famous software – including “Skype.” (beware to the “dot” after the name), “Facebook …” (pay attention to the “dots”) and “Instagram.” Ok, now imagine to be novice users who are searching for Instagram:





As you can see, everything seems to be ok. At least at first glance. Instead, as shown by the red underlines … Something’s wrong. Very Wrong! The name, first of all. Can you see the dots next to “Instagram”? Can you see the name of the developer, which indicates “MobiletechApps” and not “Instagram Co. Ltd”? Can you see “no comments”? Can you? Well, friends, we are facing a FAKE, a false, bogus, counterfeit app! Of course, in this case, we could lose our photos and personal information. Not much, someone might say. But if I show this to you:




PAYPAL: Is our money “not much”, too?

Is this a really dangerous problem? Yes, I think! Well, I do not want to create alarms, but the Store is starting to swarm these fake apps, created only to deceive the end user. Nothing more than this, for more or less illicit purposes. And it is starting to affect more than one developer. Do you want a proof? Here it is:




Do you know 6tag? Yes, the superlative app, replacement of Instagram, created by Rudy… Opsss. No, this is the JupiterMobile one. Do you know JupiterMobile, right? No, of course you do not. Because even in this case (nobody knows how) we are dealing with a counterfeit that is a dirty system to fool some unfortunate (and take advantage of the good name of others) users. What else does JupiterMobile make? Look at the link or search. You will see this: Have you seen? They are the ones that produce also “Fruit Ninja” (???), “Spotify Pro” (???),




Have you seen? They are the ones that produce also “Fruit Ninja” (???), “Spotify Pro” (???),

“Shazam” (???) … In Italy we call this “aria fritta” (in English sounds like “empty talk”).

I think it’s time to say “STOP” to this illegal actions!


■ First of all, we can download this crap and, WITHOUT OPENING IT and give A lonely star as rating; then, leave a Negative comment where you notify “the trap” to the others. At last, REPORT it to Microsoft.

■ In addition, if a Microsoft’s employee (or someone who has contacts in Microsoft) is reading these lines, we ask him/her to do something. Do you realize that this proliferation of junk is counterproductive? What confidence can users have (especially those less experienced) in a system that approves these big fake apps without problems?

■ At last, if you can and want to collaborate more (we certainly will do), you have to tweet a warning to the developers whose apps have been counterfeited. I am sure that at least they will haul the “crafty” Dev over the coals and (perhaps) Microsoft, too.

HERE (LINK) you can find the list of  suspected software house and related apps.

Many thanks for reading.


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